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I have absolutely no idea why all those artists have recorded and keep recording this song that was written by Otis Blackwell aka John Davenport and Eddie Cooley in 1956. And it's very likely the only song that has been covered by Elvis Presley, Madonna, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, The Doors, James Brown, Celine Dion, Beyoncé, Tina Turner, Elvis Costello, Buddy Guy, Shirley Horn or Peggy Lee–just to name a few.

I also have absolutely no idea why I keep collecting all those versions. It must be some kind of fever…

So far I have found more than 1000 versions. Many of them–for instance Rita Moreno's hilarious intermezzo with the Muppets' Animal–were brought to my attention through this site. Do you know (of) a version that is not in the "Fever" songbase (link above)? Please let me know!

Should you care to learn more about this fever of mine, I reccomend this interview published in issue 2/2007 of the magazine "Inner World Audio" .

Download: interview_fever_iwa.pdf

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