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Digitizing LPs

Why digitize LPs?
There are many good reasons to digitize your LPs. For instance because you literally wear them out by listening. You could of course preserve your most treasured LPs by spinning them less frequently. But that would be a pity.

Or because software can remove clicks and other noises. Which is why digitized LPs can sound better than they do on your turntable.

Most of all because it's easy to connect a computer as a music server to your HiFi-system. Said music server will not only play your ripped CDs, but also hi-rez files of your digitized LPs.

Why have your LPs digitized by me?
Because I offer you a professional digitizing service. The description fills several pages—please download the PDF at the end of this page.

Is it worth the hassle (and the money)?
It takes time to digitize LPs in the best possible quality. And time is money. CHF 50 for digitizing an LP may seem expensive. It isn't, believe me. It's probably too much money for your Boney M-LPs—but not for your Mercury or Decca first pressings.

Download the PDF if you want to know more what is important when digitizing LPs. Even if your want to do the work yourself.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to assess the quality of my work first? I'm looking forward to read or hear from you!

Download: Digitizing_LPs.pdf

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