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HiFi Scene Schweiz

In the late 1980s a couple of friends and I started "HiFi Scene Schweiz" with the true aim of publishing a magazine that wasn't as corrupt... oops… as dependent on advertising as all the others. This editorial independence proved to be trickier than expected: We knew that we'd inevitably step on some toes by not beating around the bush. But how could we have known that offended manufacturers and infuriated readers would all call at more or less the same hour of the day to express their hurt feelings with very impressive expressions? And that this preferred hour would be Sunday around 3 a.m?

The longer the more we realized the fundamental misunderstandning between the editors and the readers of HiFi Scene Schweiz: For us, audio was a means and music the end, whilst for most of our readers audio was an end in itself. (It continues to amaze me how many people actually love audio and not music…) In early 2004, burned out after 18 issues, we put our magazine to sleep and paid to remaining money back to our subscribers. R.I.P.

Back issues are available. They cost CHF 20 plus shipping and can be ordered from ; download this PDF for the collected tables of content.

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