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Fish or fisherman?
Whatever your customers should know, I want to tell them clear, entertaining and make sure my message is seen. Towards my clients I represent the interests of their customers. And if it comes to judging my work, I am a firm believer of the theory that the bait should please the fish, not the fisherman.

Likes and dislikes
I have done a fair share of advertising for deodorants, cigarettes or biscuits. And to be honest–this kind of work starts to get boring quite fast. I am much more interested in working for products or sevices that are based on more solid ground–be it on a clever idea, on a real customer need or on innovative, thorough engineering.

Developing good advertising is not a solitary business. But good team work does not imply the expensive infrastructure of big ad agencies. I have developed a network of freelance designers, photographers, translators, account execs, PR people, media specialists and what not. Depending on your task I will form an ad-hoc team that offers you all the services of a full blown advertising agency. Without the cost.

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